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“we design, produce and sell

uniforms the easy way”

#1. New Classics Line


A classical line, preserving the traditional aspect which is characteristic of the uniform, but giving a contemporary twist to it by implementing delicate finishes, a carefully selected color palette, and modernised cut. We draw inspiration form today´s trends in order to reinvent the classics, achieving fresh designs where the kids find themselves represented, and taken into account within the uniformity. They wear their uniforms a great deal of the week, and we believe that feeling at ease with their self-image can contribute positively on their confidence and ability to move comfortably through life.


#2. Contemporary Line


The second line is an innovative approach, we generate creative proposals that can actually represent the values of a school and communicate them with authenticity. We offer this design service to all of the entities that wish to renovate their uniform, with the possibility to choose between typologies which differ from the ones already available on the market.

An elaborated design which denotes certain dedication hints caring and appreciation for the kids, who are, when it comes down to it, those that represent the institution´s results. On top of that, the institutional values can get through effectively, if the attire already entails them.


Revamping your uniform is really simple

  • 01. Creative Concept made to measure

    The first step is to become acquainted with the school´s universe and its identity in order to grasp what needs to be communicated, so we can define the concept that is going to be developed.

  • 02. Powerful Designs

    Starting from the core concept, we generate a design proposal that aims to embody the spirit of the institution.

  • 03. Prototype Stage

    This phase offers a precise approximation to the final product, with the opportunity to revise the garments prior to production start up.

  • 04. Your Approval

    We value your feedback and strive for your satisfaction. The approval of the samples guarantees the acceptation of the definite uniform, that is why we give special attention to it in order to achieve the expected final result.

  • 05. We take care of the sale

    We want the buying experience to be positive, swift and hassle-free for parents and institutions alike. We have a retail establishment based in Barcelona, as well as an online store where purchases con be made in an easy and simple way.