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Uniformes que los chicos aman usar. Uniformes con diseño actualizado, materiales nobles y naturales. Producción ética y sostenible.
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We are parents, we´ve seen firsthand that the uniform world is lacking at several levels. We couldn’t find what we needed: uniforms made from noble materials, pleasant for kids to wear and with a modern fit. On top of that, sale prices were not in line with what we received. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, so tulku was born, a new interpretation of school-wear.

When developing our concept and garments, we decided to look at it from a parents´perspective too, we think like you and share certain priorities, we now that details count.

With over 10 years of experience in the textile industry. Our vision at tulku is to offer a friendly and efficient service and distinctive products in regards to design and quality, without overlooking the ethical and environmental aspects of the production.




Contemporary and original, our lines are created following a design concept that is unusual within the uniform scope. Our style can be defined by a subtle balance between aesthetics, functionality, noble materials and our constant attention to details.

We draw inspiration form today´s trends in order to reinvent the classics, achieving fresh designs where the kids find themselves represented, and taken into account within the uniformity. It is time to bring school uniforms to the 21st century.




Our uniforms are made to last. We select fabrics that meet our needs: they must be confortable, lasting and distinctive. We take special care of the finishing in order to attain strong garments, which are adequate for the use that will be given to them.


Social + Environmental Sustainability


We are aware of the limitations of achieving a neutral production, that´s why we work emphatically to bring our principles to the practice. Driven by the strong will of creating a production model that is kinder on the environment, we opt for natural materials, organics or certified when possible. We carefully source our providers, searching to partner with textile factories that follow international standards and incorporate regulatory frameworks regarding labour conditions and human rights. That´s how we care for the skilled people behind our products by guaranteeing their rights and a fair wage, we are convinced that these workers are one of the most important assets.

We believe that change starts at home, so we asume our ethical and social responsibilites with dedication, as well as our action as promoters for this type of initiatives where a new comercial paradigm is proposed: based on cooperation and sustainable development, and centered on the people and environment.



Collaborate with the production process and customer service

Mercedes Velasquez

Production Assistant

Responsible for production, logistics and commercial area

Iñigo Romeo


Responsible for uniform designs, marketing and communication

Agostina Mascardi


Responsible for the technological platform and e-commerce

James Stuart

Sr Developer

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